Welcome to North coast tank

North Coast Tank is a Corporation based in northeast Ohio that provides Diesel and Unleaded fuel tank cleaning services.

The problems at hand:

  1. Water and particulates get into fuel tanks from condensation and other ways like leaky sumps, contaminated delivery services and transfer from contaminated hoses.
  2. Diesel fuel now has lower sulphur content than in previous years. High sulphur would control the micro-organisms and bacteria that live and grow in water.
  3. Water and algae-like bacteria and micro-organisms grow at the bottom and will be sucked into the generators and clog filters taking backup generators off-line when needed the most.
  4. The solution is to maintain a clean fuel tank by removing the water and particulates so bacteria and micro-organisms are not able to grow.
  5. UNLEADED FUEL: Water that gets in unleaded fuel tanks can cause a different problem. Ethanol that is added to unleaded fuel is attracted to any moisture. The water inside these tanks leads to phase separation and the octane of the fuel can be substantially reduced.
  6. This can lead to consumers receiving a lower quality fuel causing vehicle problems and gas stations damaging their brand. Service stations will fail inspections and also be forced to remove the water and add additional octane before sales can resume.

How we can help!

Your tank needs to have a fuel sample taken to determine if there is the presense of water, micro-organisms and bacteria. Depending on your location, tank size and accessibility North Coast Tank offers this service FREE!

Mission Critical operations that need to rely on liquid fuel powered backup generators are at higher risk. In these scenarios the fuel is not used on a regular basis. The condensation builds up over time and when you finally need your generator to work, the filters clog and you end up going off line in your time of need.

  • Hospitals
  • Data Centers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Broadcast Facilities - TV and Radio
  • Cell Tower Sites
  • Heavy machinery
  • WWTPs (Waste Water Treatment Plants)
  • Fuel Service Stations
  • Universities & School Districts
  • Airport tower control
  • Airport Jet Fuel (AvGas & 100LL)
  • Marinas